A Little Bird Told Me: Social Media Tips

Third Degree has said it before and we’ll say it again: social media is an avenue for connecting you to your credit union’s membership and potential membership. Is this a scary step? Yes. Will it be worthwhile? If you do it correctly, it will most certainly be.We’ve put together some helpful Twitter strategies and tips to make this process more manageable.

Social Media Tips
Know what is going on! If you aren’t using a social media/Twitter management tool like TweetDeck or HootSuite, you should be! Not only will it help you stay organized but you can open up a “search” column to seek out mentions of your credit union. In fact, make sure you have a search column open at all times with your credit union’s name in it! This way, you are updated immediately when anything good or bad is said about your credit union. Not only will you be able to provide better customer service and know who is saying what about your credit union but this will provide you with a FREE analysis of where your credit union may have some challenges.

First Response 
Respond as quickly as possible to what we like to call the “3 C’s of Twitter”: Comments, Compliments and Complaints.  We know… who would ever complain about a credit union? But it does happen on Twitter (hey, everyone has their bad days, right?) and the best customer service you can give is letting these people know their credit union heard them… and cares! Maybe there is nothing you can do about the complaint, but sometimes a simple “I’m sorry” is all that is needed to mend a broken bridge.  You can also keep a log of the Tweeters who complain, so if there is an issue that the credit union is working on, you can let them know. If you needed more encouragement to do this, remember the followers of those who mention your credit union- every time you have a conversation with these Tweeters, it is an opportunity to advertise your credit union. Being consistent and keeping your credit union’s brand out and about and in front of a large audience (like Twitter) will keep you at the top of a potential members’ mind when they decide to ditch their bank and go with a credit union.

Stay tuned. More credit union social media tips are coming your way..... 

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