Credit Union Marketing: Defining Your Difference

There’s still a lot of confusion in the general public about what, exactly, credit unions are. One of the easiest ways to define your credit union brand and organization for your credit union is actually to explain what you are not. And, you are not a bank!

The community oriented, not-for-profit status is a major selling point for credit unions, especially in this current climate where banks are often political punching bags. Their problem is a credit union's opportunity.

There are several ways to market credit unions and set a credit union apart from the banking pack. The most dramatic and effective brand transformations and branding/marketing programs we see with credit unions always start with cultural change. Staff education and employee buy-in are the cornerstones of all additional marketing efforts, so make sure those foundational blocks are secure before adding layers to your credit union marketing mix.

Credit unions are ideally positioned to capture new market share in our still struggling economy. Programs such as referrals and financial literacy education are just the tip of the credit union branding and marketing iceberg — positioning you to gain customers now, and soar once the economy kicks back into gear.

Northwest Georgia Credit Union in Rome, Georgia just recently launched a bold, multi-tiered campaign touting both their key values and their key differences from banks. Third Degree Advertising helped craft this highly successful credit union advertising campaign.

But fundamentals first: Ensure all of your employees are comfortably and fluently talking up the advantages, values, and key differences that separate credit unions from banks.

For a full suite of credit union marketing ideas, tools and tips visit our credit union marketing resource center.

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