Courting Gen Y: A Tested Credit Union Marketing Tactic

A key to long-term credit union health is capturing new members, and growing your business with those members through lasting relationships. Consider spending some time courting your future customers with this tested tactic for engaging Generation Y.

An entire generation of kids are graduating from school having been repeatedly exposed to two ideas: Personal finance is very important, and banks are not necessarily trustworthy. These sentiments, reverberating in our kids’ heads, are the result of a take-no-prisoners political climate and tough economy.

So what’s the alternative to banks for today’s students? How about not-for-profit, community oriented credit unions. And the link between your credit union and Gen Y is financial literacy education.

Credit unions are perfectly positioned to offer financial literacy education, and schools make the perfect partners for credit unions. Software companies such as Banzai! are offering credit unions plug-in financial literacy products, and even source partner schools for you.

You get a steady supply of students exposed to your credit union's brand. Then, these kids become customers when they graduate with savings account vouchers in their hands. It’s a program currently in place and producing results at hundreds of schools nationwide.

Schools are strapped for cash, and they’re also eager to teach financial literacy to a generation of kids hungry for success. This is your credit union's chance to step in and greet your new customer base: Generation Y (and their parents, too). Financial literacy education – a credit union marketing tactic you want to have in your toolbox.

Financial Literacy from Banzai and Credit Union Savvy

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