The Emotional Impact of Video

Laugh or cry, shock or pride, nothing beats video for 
emotional impact

A good video captures a singular moment, a “storyful” moment, that begs to be shared. Video can be experimental, immersive and flavorful.

But is it really right for credit unions? Video is more accessible than ever. The average Joe can record more, do it more frequently, and get more use of existing videos all without breaking the budget. When you host videos on your website – or on a hosting site like YouTube and Vimeo – you effectively have your own video channel to tell your credit union’s story! It doesn’t end there either. When you have video assets, you can run them on a loop in your branches. When you combine that with a well-trained staff and useful collaterals, you have a complete campaign right there! You can even get super-localized with your videos, playing certain ones in certain branches based on your demographic research in that area. Heck, you can even play videos on ATMs.

Even with all these options, the question remains: Is video right for credit unions? Spoiler alert: Yup. You just have to find your storyful moment. It’s a story, scene or scenario that captures attention and embodies what it
means to be a part of your credit union.

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