Thank God I'ts Monday

Last week we introduced you to Thad Angelle, CEO of MCT credit union and told you why we think he’s a pretty cool guy – he doesn’t just TALK about culture, he lives it! What started it all? Well, don’t just sit there… read!


Two years ago Thad found himself the newly appointed CEO of Port Neches, TX-based MCT Credit Union. After spending most of his career in the financial services industry he could have easily maintained the status quo, governed from the top down and simply pushed for his agenda and legacy. Instead, he created a collaborative culture of change that has been nothing short of transformative for this firecracker of a credit union.

It all started with a small gift. The retiring CEO presented Thad with a copy of “Thank God It’s Monday,” by Roxanne Emmerich, who turns TGIF on its head by helping leaders jump-start and nurture a workplace employees and customers love. “TGIM” was the spark that lit a fire in Thad and his team, which after two years burns brighter with each passing week.


Thad credits this movement’s inception with granting people permission to think – to be leaders, to be creative, and to be accountable at all levels. But what keeps the flames going is Thad’s commitment to backing it up with action. He has created an environment of trust where staff is secure in making decisions and trying new initiatives. Thad is genuine, smiling (and perhaps a bit swaggering) proof of the power of internal culture. I visited with him to find out how he carries that torch so confidently.

Eavesdrop on our conversation next week…. 

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