Are YOU Connected?

 Gallup has a method of assessing customer loyalty for a variety of industries based on factors that go beyond traditional satisfaction. They ask questions about things like whether or not the brand treats you fairly, delivers on its promise, can be trusted, treats you with a sense of respect, makes you proud; whether you could even imagine a world without the brand. These questions aren’t just about whether or not a customer’s needs are being met; these questions are about connection and passion.

When a member connects with your credit union’s culture, they are more likely to grow into a true loyalist. 

When a member experiences a disconnect with your culture, there’s often an equally high level of negative passion. Who’s usually the make-or-break factor here? You got it: your staff. Whether or not you as a leader have taken the time to understand and shape it, your internal culture is impacting your credit union’s success right now- both internally and externally.

(source for all statistics: CUNA’s 2010 Credit Union Member Satisfaction, Growth and Loyalty report)

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