Your Credit Union and Twitter: A Little Goes A Long Way

Thank your followers. Maybe it is because I was raised in the south where we send thank you cards and say thank you for everything but I believe a thank you says a lot more than just “thank you.” A thank you to a credit union member or potential credit union member says that your credit union cares. Does that sound cliché? Of course. Is it true? Yes. Everyone wants to know that someone cares for them and part of your core values as a credit union says that you do, so here is an opportunity to live it out. When people follow your credit union on twitter, send a personal message and thank them for the follow! Don’t have an automated message, since most people consider that spam. (just think of the “golden rule” here)  When a follower re-tweets something you tweeted more than just once or twice, thank them. This is another opportunity to set your credit union apart from the big banks. Big banks are too busy to send a personalized thank you note, so credit unions have an opportunity here to step in and show just how personable and customer-service oriented they can be.

Have a schedule for your staff. You probably don’t have a full time person hired to just take care of social media for your credit union, do you? Didn’t think so. Neither do we. Designate 2-4 staff members to do your credit union’s tweeting at certain times of the day. It might be a good idea to assign them topics to tweet about. Have a front line staff tweet about the drive through line, your business development officer tweeting about community events and opportunities, the marketing director can tweet about new campaigns, etc… I’m sure you get the idea.

Have twitter guidelines Since you will likely have several people tweeting for you on your account, establish social media and twitter guidelines for your credit union marketing team. These guidelines should talk about when to tweet, what to tweet about and how to respond to both negative and positive @ mentions. Check out some of these social media guidelines for examples.

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