Front Line Staff: The Key To Your Treasure Chest

Front line staff are the most important employees when it comes to a brand.  TV spots are great because they reach a lot of people.  Facebook, Twitter and other digital media outlets are fantastic because they allow for one-on-one interaction.  But your teller is the most personal and engaging medium that a member will experience with your credit union.  You brand your marketing tactics with a voice, imagery and a feeling that expresses your brand.  Why would you not do the same with your employees?

Easier said than done, right?  It’s actually pretty easy.  Include them, encourage them and empower them.  If you can accomplish that, you will see a higher return on investment, and your credit union will be one that employees love to work at.

It’s simple math: Strong internal culture divided among employees equals a better bottom line.  Whether it’s the teller that smiles and cross-sells, or the business development rep that works non-stop to bring in active SEGs and then keeps the relationships strong through good service and a friendly attitude- You need the workforce that’s happy at their job, and brings your credit union success.   As credit unions continue to be champions for their members, a strong internal culture will help you back up your claims of friendly service and financial responsibility because your employees will be champions for your credit union.

Your front line staff knows your members.  They know what members like, and what they complain about.  Research is expensive.  It’s always good to have a research firm come in and interview your members, but it’s not always an option.  Don’t forget that your employees are a research tool.  Don’t just give them a medium to express their thoughts and opinions, but listen to their ideas.  If you like it, then try it- make it known whose idea it was.

Just think about how much your front line staff interacts with your members.  They are the first and last impression that every person walking in and out of your credit union will experience.   A collaborative work place is a happy workplace.  Getting your employees to be proud of their work, and giving them a chance to make real change will empower their motivation to breathe your credit union’s brand.

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